Bed bugs (Cimicidae) have been with us since man’s earliest days and were introduced in Philadelphia and other parts of the county by the early explorers and settlers of this county. Bed bugs are parasites that live on the outside of the host. They feed off the blood of warm-blooded mammals, primary humans, but will also attack birds and other mammals.

This insect derived the name “bed bug” from their preferred habitat inside homes and especially beds where people sleep. Mainly active at night, bed bugs can go unnoticed feeding off the host.

Once inside the home, they become established in cracks and crevices generally preferring to nest near their hosts. This includes mattresses, box springs, bed frames, and upholstered furniture such as coaches. They can also nestle in window and door moldings, inside floors, behind walls and can be introduced into your home via luggage, clothing, bedding and furniture. Bugs and eggs can also be brought into a home via a pet or nearby dwelling if there is an easy travel route.

Identifying bed bugs:

The common bed bug is a wingless, red-brown, blood-sucking insect that grows up to 7 mm in length.

Bed bugs are characterized by a sweet odor described as smelling like almonds or overly ripe raspberries.

Aside from bed bugs bite signs, look for reddish brown fecal deposits where they congregate as well as blood smears on sheets.

Bed bugs treatments:
An effective Philadelphia bed bugs treatment always starts with a thorough inspection. Our trained Philadelphia bed bug exterminators know exactly where to look to identify and treat bed bug hiding places.

With the introduction of DDT in the late 1930’s, bed bugs were treated effectively well into the 50’s and 60’s. DDT is no longer available due to an evolving regulatory environment. This may have contributed to bed bug reemergence; however, there are now safer treatments used to eliminate the bed bugs problem.

We take great care in implementing safe treatment methods for removing bed bugs in Philadelphia homes, and we ensure that bed bug pesticide exposure is kept to a minimal when treating your mattress, furniture, etc. In the case of treating Infant bed and bed frames, we recommend replacement and do not treat those items at all.

Bedding is not treated and should be washed or dry-cleaned. Next Steps: In order to treat a bed bug situation effectively, it is imperative you consult with a trained Philadelphia pest control professional that can evaluate and eliminate the problem safely. Enterprise Exterminating is a Philadelphia bed bugs specialist trained to identify and neutralize the bed bugs trouble regardless of severity. Call 215-849-7070 today! 24/7 service!

For additional bed bug information, please visit the National Pest Management Association’s AllThingsBedBugs page by clicking here.

Philadelphia bed bugs are hearty pests. In order to get rid of Philadelphia bed bugs, you need an exterminating company that knows how these tiny beasts think and operate. Enterprise Exterminating has been taking care of those pesky bed bugs Philadelphia vermin for over 30 years.

Here at Enterprise Exterminating, we know that when you have a bed bug problem you want this problem taken care of quickly and efficiently. Hearing that you have to wait days for service while Philadelphia bed bugs continue to invade your home is frustrating – especially if these bed bugs Philadelphia pests have been treating you like a snack buffet at night. As a family owned and operated exterminating company with good old fashioned values, we know that you need good service and you need it fast. You need exterminators that are courteous, that understand what you are going through and that can get rid of those hard to kill bugs for once and for all. We, Enterprise Exterminating, are that service company.

We understand that Philadelphia bed bugs can be an unexpected problem and therefore an unwanted expense. That is why we offer free estimates and value based pricing for all of our customers regardless of the size of the job or the severity of the problem. You will have a solid understanding of the price before extermination work commences and our customized quoting means you get the best possible pricing for your bed bug situation.

Your home furnishings and belongs are precious to you and we understand that completely. While exterminating unwanted Philadelphia bed bugs, we take the greatest possible caution in protecting your home. We use safe application methods for treating your mattresses and furniture. (In the case of treating infant bed and bed frames, we recommend replacement and do not treat those items at all.) Rest assured that your belongings will be handled with care and caution.

We also care about your health. Rather than blasting the bed bugs with copious amounts of pesticide inside your home, we ensure bed bug pesticide exposure is kept to a minimum. We use a highly effective dose – just the right amount without extra exposure to the pesticides.

No matter how clean and tidy you keep your residence or place of business, bed bugs can get in and when that happens, your first call should be to Enterprise Exterminating, the reliable, customer service driven, industry proven remover of Philadelphia bed bugs. Our first priority is protecting your home or business from unwanted pests! Trust in our fast and reliable pest control service and make Enterprise Exterminating your #1 choice for all your pest control needs! We are family owned and operated and we treat our clients just like we treat our family – with dignity and respect. We are reliable, we are driven to provide you with outstanding customer service, we are experienced and we kill Philadelphia bed bugs dead.

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